8 Hilarious Cats Who’ve Clearly Forgotten What A Bed Is

All cat owners know that their cats have the uncanny ability to shrink when no one is looking and turn all sorts of things into beds. You can’t help but laugh when you find such places that become your pet’s new sleeping quarters. Check out some of the napping spots that these cats have found to sleep in — or at least, tried to use for sleep.

8. Just One Thing Disturbing My Nap

This cutie pie would have an easier time sleeping in the sink if it weren’t for that constant stream of water. But it does make for a cool beverage…

7. Anywhere, Anytime, Any… Plant?

This little guy is so tuckered out, he doesn’t mind squeezing into a confined space next to a potted plant. As long as there’s room to burrow his head, he’s golden.

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