Potential Denver Cat Wine Bar Would Be the First of Its Kind in America

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Cat lovers in Denver are rejoicing at the city’s most exciting upcoming attraction: a cat bar. The Denver Cat Company, which already serves hot beverages and snacks, is looking to add a second location with a wine bar. When it is fully funded, the bar will be the first of its kind in the United States.The Denver Cat Company started as a small coffee shop in northwestern Denver in 2014. Cats that are up for adoption roam through the cafe, interacting with each other and customers. A back room provides a quiet spot for shy cats to hide until they are ready to mingle. The owner works with rescue organizations to rotate cats through the cafe, allowing them to socialize before they are adopted out into forever homes.


The purpose of the cafe is twofold: it allows potential pet owners to meet the cats, and provides a fun spot for animal lovers to play with cats without the commitment. Some customers cannot have cats at home, so they visit the cafe to enjoy feline company. Each visitor pays a small admission fee.


With the success of the coffee shop, owner Sana Hamelin decided the time was right to expand and create a cat-themed wine bar. Hamelin envisions the bar as a quiet, laid-back place to sip a glass of wine or a craft beer while also interacting with cats. To raise the $60,000 that is necessary to open the bar, Hamelin is running a Kickstarter campaign.For lovers of wine and cats, the Denver Cat Company’s wine bar could be the perfect location for a night out. With its focus on animal safety and human fun, the bar ensures that everyone has a good time. This little cat looks like a perfect candidate for the cat wine bar scene.

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