If Artists Were Cats, Here’s What Their Art Would Look Like

Anyone who owns a cat can tell you that these furry creatures have a unique perspective on life. From increased hearing to the ability to jump many times their own height in a single bound, felines are different from their human companions in so many ways. Now, what if they were all famous artists? Maria Paiz is a professional artist from Guatemala who considered what some of the classical artists and their work would look like with a feline spin. She displays her “Meowdern Art” on Instagram and offers it for sale through her online store. Here’s a quick peek at her take on what some of the great works of art would look like if artists were cats.

8. Andy Warhol Becomes “Andy Meowhol”

Here we see Andy Warhol morphed into the feline artist of Andy Meowhol. This furry artist uses his work to comment on the latest pop culture and technology trends. Here, his work includes images of the purrfect actress, “Meowilyn.”

7. Edvard Munch Turns Into “Edvard Mewnch”

Norwegian expressionist Edvard Munch finds a new identity in the world of cats as Edvard Mewnch. Raised by a deeply religious father, this artist’s demons seemed to follow him and permeate throughout his work. This version of “The Scream” depicts a kitty that is clearly haunted.

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