Ragdoll Cat Walks on a Leash: Take a Look at Who’s on the Other End!

An amusing and beautiful ragdoll cat in Germany has found a way to get exercise while enjoying time with his friends. His preferred strolling partner is a pig named Mortiz, who holds the leash on these fun strolls with owner Nicolle Müller.

Long Walks in the Park
Leonardo enjoys long walks along the streets and in the parks near where Müller lives. Best buddy Mortiz keeps close tabs on the ragdoll kitty, never letting his walking companion stray too far from the paths that they regularly tromp along together. Fresh air and great exercise help the two further their bonds, and Mortiz regularly strides confidently beside or ahead of his ragdoll friend.

Reining Leo In
The companions help one another keep pace, with the leash keeping Leonardo from getting too far ahead with his catlike agility. Whenever Leonardo strays too far from the path, a gentle pull from Mortiz brings him back on track. Mortiz also knows when Leonardo becomes distracted by other animals and keeps his buddy in line and out of trouble. This apparent single-mindedness on the part of the leash-holder is less an act of pigheadedness and more a demonstration of how incredibly smart pigs can be.

Friends Along for a Stroll
Leonardo, Mortiz and their human Nicolle Müller love these walks together, and often another pig comes along for the journey. They like to lounge about as a group when the walk is over, no doubt simply enjoying each other’s company and enjoying restful bonding as much as exercise and trips in the country.
Leonardo and Mortiz are best friends for life that can’t wait to spend time together indoors or outside in the sun. While ragdoll cats are undeniably smart and cute, studies show that pigs have exceptional cognitive abilities, proving most pigs are as smart as the cat-walking Moritz.

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