10 Things To Consider Before Choosing The Purr-fect Cat To Adopt

Bringing home a new feline friend is fun and exciting, but impulse adoptions can lead to unforeseen problems. Before you adopt a new cat, consider the following aspects to ensure a smooth transition for you and your perfect companion.


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Do you prefer a loving and cuddly friend, or a more aloof companion? Do you like to play with your cat, or prefer one who just wants to relax? Do you prefer an outgoing animal that loves strangers, or a more timid one who bonds with only you? Think about how you want to spend time with your cat and find a personality to match.

Energy Level

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Energy levels are somewhat intertwined with personality, but age also plays a big role. If you don’t have enough time to keep an energetic cat exercised and entertained, your cat could find more destructive outlets.


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Most people gravitate towards adorable young kittens, but older pets are a better choice for many homes. Kittens are adorable, but they require more training and attention than most older cats. There are plenty of adult cats, as well as kittens, at the shelter who would love a forever home.


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The adoption fee is just the beginning of the costs you’ll need to budget for. Your cat needs regular veterinary checkups, quality food, toys and bedding.


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Think about where you live and whether you plan to move. If you rent, make sure your landlord allows pets, and consider that you might need to put in a little extra time finding pet-friendly rentals if you move.


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Most animal shelters thoroughly check pets for any health problems before adopting them out, however there is always the chance that an underlying condition can resurface or develop in your cat well after the adoption. If you fall in love with a cat diagnosed with a chronic health condition, make sure you understand their specific needs and determine whether you are up for the challenge.


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Although most people have a favorite color, remember that color does not determine the cat’s personality. You may go into the shelter thinking that you want a black cat, and instead leave with a tabby. Be willing to compromise to find a good match, and remember that personality is always more important than looks.

Coat Length

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Cats come in long, short, and medium-haired varieties. Cats with longer hair are pretty but need to be groomed frequently to prevent matting. Make sure you have the tools, patience, and time to care for your cat’s coat.

Life Span

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Cats can live for more than twenty years, so make sure you are prepared for the commitment. Adopting means you’re providing a forever home, however long forever may be.

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