Canine Careers: These Dogs Have Very Important Jobs!

Every dog lover knows how helpful dogs can be to their owners, but some dogs go above and beyond. These incredible working dogs have a variety of jobs that help make people’s lives better.

8. Teaching Children to Read

Photo: Max Pixel
Photo: Max Pixel

Even though Fernie, a chocolate Lab, may not know her ABCs, she inspires children to learn to read by responding to written cues for commands. Other dogs in similar programs encourage kids to learn by reading aloud to the pooch.

7. Military Dogs Save Lives and Boost Morale


Military K9s perform a variety of life-saving tasks, including sniffing out bombs and weapons, tracking lost soldiers, and fighting the enemy. They also provide affection and loyalty that boosts troop spirits in difficult times.

6. Airport Dogs Keep Runways Clear


You’ve probably seen the TSA dogs near security, but some airports have behind-the-scenes K9s as well. These wildlife management dogs chase birds, deer and other critters away from runways to prevent accidents. Wildlife management agencies also use similar dogs to train bears to stay away from inhabited areas.

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5. Dogs Help Manage Mental Illness


Post-traumatic stress disorder is a serious illness that affects millions of people across the United States, including many veterans. Support dogs help their owners feel love and connection, and service dogs can help control flashbacks, among other tasks.

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