The Dog That Made Headlines Around The World Is Finally Safe

Caitlyn the dog has experienced humanity at its very worst, and its very best. The abused pup is on the mend thanks to caring animal lovers who came to her rescue. Caitlyn is now happily living with a foster family and has modeled for an upcoming 2016 calendar, according to WCBD News2.


Animal lovers everywhere were horrified by the brutal act of cruelty enacted on this innocent dog, who was renamed Caitlyn after her rescue. This sweet-tempered pup was found with electrical tape wound tightly around her mouth, according to The Dodo. The tape not only crushed her tongue, causing painful blisters, but also prevented Caitlyn from eating and drinking.

Luckily, Caitlyn broke free of her chains and was eventually discovered by local police officers, who brought her to the Charleston Animal Society in the nick of time. It turns out that Caitlyn’s owner taped her mouth because he was annoyed over her frequent barking, as reported by The Post and Courier.

After her rescue, Caitlyn faced an uphill battle to survive her wounds. Once Caitlyn’s story became public, many caring people offered to help pay her medical expenses. The animal shelter sponsored a fundraiser to aid Caitlyn and other shelter animals also in desperate need of help.


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Meanwhile, police arrested Caitlyn’s owner, who is in jail facing charges of animal abuse and neglect. Due to the sensitive nature of Caitlyn’s case, she is living with a foster family while the litigation is handled in court. Caitlyn’s foster family adores her, and the pooch is thriving in her new environment.

While Caitlyn is likely to always carry physical scars of her abuse, she is safe and happy in her new home; she always seems to smile for photos, and her admirers look forward to seeing her posing with firefighter Joshua Allen in the 2016 Charleston Animal Society calendar.

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