Special Bonds: Hearing-Impaired Bulldog and Baby Pig Become the Best of Friends!

While bulldogs have a tough and uncompromising appearance, they can be friendly and patient animals that form great bonds with children and other pets. Take Lady, a bulldog who is hearing-impaired. Adopted by a kind family and introduced to their pet piglet, Lady just can’t just get enough of her new playmate. She follows the piglet around the house, seeking its attention and approval. Look how cute they are together! Lady has found a brand new buddy and wants to make the piglet feel safe and right at home. It’s almost as if she is giving her new little buddy a little mini-tour of the living room! And, of course, giving the piglet a good sniff to make sure it’s okay to have around. It would appear that Lady approves! Looks like this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

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