Blind Kittens Separated During Rescue Reunited and Doing Great!

Life can be difficult for special needs cats. One male cat, named Blue, who was blind as the result of an untreated case of the flu, was vocal about his need for his sisters when workers placed him alone in a foster care home. Confused and missing his sisters, Blue cried all night long.

The three siblings, all blind, were subsequently reunited and adopted. All are doing well in the new home. Cat flu has different causes and symptoms. There are no drugs to treat the viral forms of cat flu, but a veterinarian can prescribe supportive help. Cat flu sometimes causes ulcers on the cornea when left untreated, but the application of an antibiotic eye ointment can help. Unfortunately, Blue and his sisters, Meadow and Little Willow, did not receive such treatment and lost their sight as a result. When they moved to their adoptive home, their eyes were infected and required surgery for removal.

Their new human was afraid that having three special needs cats in one home might require many adaptations; however, the three cats have adjusted to life without eyesight remarkably well.


They know the locations of furniture in their home and how high they must jump to land on the counter. They depend on their sense of sound and their whiskers to find their way around the home. The only real adaptation the owner has had to make is leaving the furnishings in the same place.

The cats’ new human has also created a Facebook page that documents their story. As of July 2016, the page has over 3,600 followers. It contains photos and videos of the three cats and their seeing cat roommate acting like normal kitties.

All cats deserve a place where they are loved and that they can call home. Even if the three siblings cannot see with their eyes, they certainly see with their hearts — just as their owner was able to see beyond their disability when she adopted them. The siblings’ case is not unique, however. Watch as famous TV host and cat behaviorist Jackson Galaxy pays a visit to the home of a couple that works to find homes for blind kitties.

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