These Volunteers Knit, Crochet and Sew With Love to Help Shelter Animals!

A cuddly, warm blanket can provide a soft, warm hug for a rescued shelter animal. Many of the rescued animals are in bad shape when they arrive, and nearly all of them are afraid. That blanket makes their cage or kennel stay a bit more pleasant. Wrapped in Love, or WIL, is a group of artists and craftspeople that supply handmade blankets to shelters in need. The gifted volunteers sew, knit or crochet their colorful creations. Shelters in need of blankets post on the WIL Facebook page. One of the member artists sews, knits or crochets the homemade blankets, which are then donated to the shelter. WIL acts as a dispatch center that coordinates the making and delivery of the blankets. The organization is not a nonprofit, so monetary donations are not accepted.
Cats and dogs respond to the blankets in different ways. Cats like hiding places, and it’s not unusual for them to almost completely snuggle under the blankets. Whether it’s a box, a paper bag or a fuzzy blanket, most cats prefer to be inside or under that object. It makes them feel safe. As the cat gets more comfortable in his surroundings, he may view that blanket as a toy, attacking it to improve his “hunting” skills. Then it’s back to snuggling for another nap.

Blankets also make dogs feel secure. Some dogs will paw a blanket until, in their eyes, it makes the perfect bed. Others will just walk on over and flop on top of it. A really timid dog may try to hide behind or get as close to that blanket as possible. Just like cats, once dogs feel comfortable, the blanket also becomes a toy. Playing tug of war is a favorite pastime. All animals like to play and be safe, and it’s not just shelter dogs who love playing with their blankets. Watch as this dog battles a blanket monster.

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