5 Reasons To Adopt A Black Cat

Black cats get a bad rap in the feline world, but all those superstitions about black cats being bad luck are just that — silly superstitions.

Unfortunately, this persistent myth has real-life repercussions. Black cats are less likely to be adopted than their shelter companions of other fur colors, and they have a higher euthanasia rate.

Photo: Pixabay

These heartbreaking facts led to the creation of National Black Cat Day, which was founded to counter the widespread (but mistaken) belief that black cats bring bad luck.

Now celebrated on October 27 each year, National Black Cat Day is a perfect excuse to post about black cats on social media, donate money or time to an animal shelter, or adopt a black cat. Here are 5 excellent reasons to welcome a black cat into your life!

1. Fur Blends in With Black


Showing up covered in fur is a fashion faux pas you don’t want to make. But when you adopt a black cat, the black fur blends right in with your favorite little black dress. No one will ever know you curled up with Fluffy before you hit the town. Plus, that sleek black coat gives your new furry friend an elegant look, so she’s already dressed for those black-tie events.

2. Look Slimmer

Black is known to be a slimming color. While your cat doesn’t care how thin she looks, it doesn’t hurt to carry her around to soak up some of that slimming power.

3. Brag About Your Mini-Panther


Black cats are like the panthers of the domestic world. They are even nicknamed the parlor panther because they look so much like their wild counterparts. House cats with black fur even have ninja-like qualities. That sleek black fur lets your cat sneak up undetected for playful attacks on furry feather toys.

4. Goes With Everything

Just like your favorite black cardigan, a little black cat goes with everything in your wardrobe and around the house. You never have to worry about your cat clashing with your home furnishings. She’s the lovable, playful accessory that complements everything.

5. Hardest to Adopt out of Shelters, Sweetest of Companions


When you adopt a black cat, you bring home a sweet, loving, playful companion for years to come. Not only will adopting a black cat save an animal’s life, it means one less mini panther stuck in a shelter waiting for a forever home.

How are you celebrating National Black Cat Day? Let us know in the comments!

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