Beat The Heat And Have Some Summer Fun With These 8 Dog-Friendly Tips

5. Avoid Hot Asphalt


Photo: Pixabay

Steer clear of walking your dog on hot asphalt or cement, which traps heat that can radiate through your dog’s paws. To check the ground, touch the pavement with your hand; if it’s uncomfortably hot, don’t allow your dog to walk on it. Stick to the grass or dirt paths, or consider booties for your pet.

4. Use a Cooling Vest


Photo: Pixabay

Even if the weather is under 80 degrees, heat exhaustion is still a concern, so cool down your pet with a cooling vest or wet blanket. You can chill a hand towel in the freezer or wrap it over a bag of frozen vegetables. The head and groin are important areas to cool down when your dog is getting too hot.

3. Provide Doggy Popsicles


Photo: Pixabay

Who doesn’t love a cool treat on a hot day? Give your pup a dog-friendly fruit popsicle or another icy treat. Just make sure to avoid sweeteners and monitor that your dog is drinking enough water to urinate regularly.

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