Beat The Heat And Have Some Summer Fun With These 8 Dog-Friendly Tips

Summer is the time when people and their four-legged friends come together for fun in the sun. The warm weather makes outdoor hiking, walking, and exploring enjoyable. But just as the heat can cause a few problems for humans, it can also harm dogs. After all, dogs are basically wearing a fur coat amid 90-degree weather, and their well-being needs to be considered. Whether you’re taking your dog out for a jog or hanging out around your home, follow these dog-friendly tips to beat the heat and make the summer enjoyable for you and your pet.

8. Always Carry Fresh Water

Photo: Pixabay
Just like humans need constant hydration in the heat, so do dogs. When going for walks or leaving the house, make sure to bring water with you for your pup. Quick tip: freeze a bottle of water for your dog. The ice gradually thaws in the heat, giving your dog cool, not warm, water to drink during the day.

7. Avoid Afternoon Heat

Photo: Pixabay

When taking your dog for a stroll, plan your walks to take place in the morning or evening, when the sun isn’t direct and the air is a little cooler. Choose shady areas such as tree-lined paths to walk with your dog and to shield you both from the sun.

6. Check the Weather

Photo: Pixabay
If the weather is humid or temperatures are above 80 degrees, plan to stay inside and limit exercise with your pet. Humidity can be especially dangerous for your pup because dogs don’t sweat to cool down; they pant, and they may not be able to pant enough to stay cool in the heat. Too much heat can result in heatstroke for your dog.

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