8 Reasons Why Beagles Are The Best Dogs Around

Throughout history, the beagle has been one of the most beloved dogs. Ancestors of the beagle are believed to have existed in ancient Greece and the Roman Empire. During the reigns of King Edward II and King Henry VII, extremely small “glove beagles” were popular. Queen Elizabeth I kept a breed of the dog known as a “pocket beagle” that stood only 9 inches tall. The breed as it is known today received official recognition from the American Kennel Club in 1885. From their selective breeding as hunters, the beagle of today is a loving, loyal, friendly companion that is a bundle of energy and a source of joy to owners. Here are a few reasons why these dogs are the best to have around.

8. Beagles Love Humans

Beagles have a playful, loving, and even temperament. They seldom exhibit aggressive behavior toward little ones and love being around humans. This trait is perhaps what makes them so desirable and popular as pets. According to the American Kennel Club, beagles are the fifth most popular breed of pets in the United States. Because they love humans, they aren’t the best guard dogs, although they do make good watchdogs, since they display excitement when they sense humans approaching.

7. Beagles Are Great With Other Animals

Beagles have a naturally inquisitive and playful nature and are not overly defensive or territorial. Their ability to get along well with other dogs undoubtedly stems from their tradition as pack dogs, when they would spend days with other dogs during hunting excursions. They seem to have retained this tendency to get along well with other animals, as they do not see them as threats, but as companions. Put two beagles together, and they should be chasing each other and rolling around in no time.

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