Keep Your Hairy Houdini in Check: 8 Tips for Keeping Your Dog From Running Away

5. A Collar With Tags is a Must-Have Accessory


Whether you go for stylish bling or no-nonsense utility, a collar is a must-have for your dog. Not only does it allow you to keep your dog on a leash when you’re out and about, but it also provides a place to hang a tag with your dog’s name, address and phone number, making it easy for anyone who finds him to get him back to you as quickly as possible.

6. Keep Your Dog Inside When You’re Not at Home


If you’re not lucky enough to work in a pet-friendly office, or even if you are, your dog is going to spend a fair amount of time at home without you. A bored and lonely dog has all the motivation she needs to try to find a way to escape your yard. Keeping your pet indoors not only keeps her from running away or being stolen, but also protects her from weather and scary noises such as fireworks and thunder.

7. Pay Attention When You Open the Car Door


The trickiest time when you are traveling by car with your pet is when you open the car door. Carsick or excited dogs can’t wait to jump out, and if you don’t have a firm hand on the leash, away they go. Make sure your pet is restrained before you open a car door, including your own!

8. Spay and Neuter Your Pets to Cut Down on Wandering


Nothing spurs a canine Lothario to wander like a bitch in heat. Spay and neuter your dogs to give them one less reason to want to get out of your yard. Spaying and neutering also undercuts the livelihood of puppy mills and cuts down on unwanted puppies. Remember to adopt, not shop, and watch this happy video with an unexpected reunion.

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