12 Cuddly Cats That Just Want To Be Your Average Feline

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The Fluffy and Furry Cat

Cats have different types of fur, and this beautiful fluff ball is all hair. Her luscious, orange locks can make her stand out from the crowd. To her, however, she’s just an average girl in an average kitty world.

The Fully Relaxed Cat

We have all felt like laying on a bench and relaxing, right? So, there is nothing unusual about this cat chilling out on a beautiful summer day. She thinks this is an average position for a cat. However, we think she’s quite exceptional and adorable.

The Cat Who Mimed

This cat thinks he’s just a normal feline going about a normal kitty routine. However, he is far from it! This is Boris, and his owner says that he stands on his hind legs when he wants to come back inside the house. To Boris, this is normal, but to us, it’s quite the opposite.

The Cat Who’s Just Chilling Out

Finally, this cat just wants to relax. She doesn’t need to hear how special and gorgeous she is, she just wants to lounge on a plank of wood like any other cat. Totally normal, right? Of course, except that we know she is a spectacular specimen of feline greatness.

Despite the efforts of all the cats here that are trying to be average, the truth is they are quite exceptional. From sweet Vladimir, who thinks it’s normal to sit like a human on a sofa, to Boris, who mimes when he wants to come inside, all of these cats are the epitome of cool.

Not every cat shies away from the limelight. Click the link below to check out the piano-playing cat who’s become quite the internet superstar!

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