12 Cuddly Cats That Just Want To Be Your Average Feline

Cats have long been a precious part of our daily lives. Dating back to the ancient Egyptians, people have loved to dote upon these furry felines. While some cats seem to enjoy the spotlight, not all yearn for stardom. The cats you see here just want to be normal, everyday cats. They have no desire to seek out fame, although their actions might seem to indicate otherwise. Here are some of our favorite cats who are simply trying to be average — and in some cases, failing miserably at doing so.

The Cat Just Sitting Around Minding His Own Business

This is Vladimir. He’s a tuxedo cat, and he doesn’t want fame and fortune. Instead, he wants to sit like a gentleman and ponder the meaning of life. Staring blankly into the distance, we’re sure that he’s thinking about something deep and mind-boggling.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Comradekaty

The Cat Trying to Give Herself a Bath

Imagine that you’re in the middle of a bath, when suddenly you see a camera flash. This is exactly what happened to this sweet girl. She was caught in the act of cleaning herself when her owner snapped a photo. Rude? Yes. Average? Totally.

Photo: Flickr/Dan Phiffer

The Cat Who’s Simply Adorable

Sometimes being adorable is certainly average, but we don’t want to tell this kitten that he is exceptionally cute. He’s trying to settle down for an afternoon nap, but he’s so cute, his owner can’t help it. They had to snap a photo of the little kitty.

Photo: Flickr/Tomo

The Cat Enjoying Her Dinner

You probably know that celebrities are often photographed while eating, but what about cats? This cat was. She was doing a very average thing when her owner decided to capture the moment. We hope she soon got to eat without interruption.

Photo: Imgur/leetbanana

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