How to Pick an Apartment-Friendly Pet

Living in an apartment doesn’t mean that you can’t own a pet. However, you need to consider the type of pet you bring home carefully. You don’t want to end up with a high energy dog that constantly runs around the space or that you need to take out to walk hourly. Also, you need to check with management to see if there are any restrictions in place regarding pets at your complex. If you already own a pet, ensure that a complex allows pets before signing the lease.

Cats and Dogs

Cats make great apartment pets because they are low maintenance. They don’t need someone to walk them or groom them. They also take advantage of vertical space. Cats enjoy solitude and don’t need someone always in the home.
On the other hand, dogs need someone to walk and groom them. Dogs are social animals that prefer that their owners are home a lot or take the canine with them. Also, you need to research the breed of dog before bringing it home.

Some dogs are especially active and need constant exercise and a yard to play in.

The amount of energy the dog has isn’t limited to its size; some smaller dogs are just as active as their larger counterparts. Determine if you’re going to have to walk the dog in the middle of your workday or hire someone to do it.

Also consider the amount of noise the dog makes, as you don’t want to disturb your neighbors. However, it isn’t only the noise that your dog makes, but also how he reacts to outside noises, such as barking loudly.

Fish and Reptiles

Both fish and reptiles are kept in tanks. You need to feed them and clean their tanks, but other than that these pets require a minimum of care.
Fish are actually considered therapeutic for many people who enjoy watching them swim and find this a great way to relax. You can enjoy pet ownership while living in an apartment with a little thought and research. After choosing the right pet, you can find a friend for life. Barking is an important point to consider when bringing a dog into an apartment, and you can find some tips to curtail that behavior here.

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