Will Your Pets Be In Good Hands After You Die? Many Are Sadly Not

Most pet owners would agree that what happens to their pets when they can no longer take care of them is a concern. It is not always easy to make sure that your pet is taken care of in your absence. However, one Maryland cat lover thought of a way to look out for her beloved kitty even after death.

In May, a gorgeous orange cat named Susie was brought to Montgomery County Animal Services and Adoption Center. According to Good Housekeeping, the man who dropped her off explained that she was his mother’s cat, and that his mother had passed away. He could not keep the cat himself because of restrictions on his rental property.


What he did not explain was the letter that came with Susie. Addressed to “Dear Friend”, it thanks Susie’s new adopter for taking her on and goes on to list Susie’s traits, fears, habits and the affection she felt for her former owner. It is hand-written, and the author may have had trouble holding the pen at times. The love it speaks for Susie is clear, though.


Staff at the shelter gave the letter to Susie’s new family with relief, as Susie lost confidence while living at the shelter. Many pets need the security of a real home to live well, and it’s important to think about what happens to your pets if you can’t take care of them any longer. Planning in advance can prevent emergency shelter trips, or worse, pets being forgotten about or neglected.


Take care of your pets even after you’re gone by planning ahead, making a will, and discussing your wishes with your family and friends. Find out more about how you can help other animals in need by visiting The Animal Rescue Site.

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