Who Knew? 8 Fun and Funky Facts About Animals!

There are millions of animals on Earth, which means there are some amazing but true facts about wildlife. Check out some of these interesting, weird and cute tidbits regarding animals that share our planet with us.

Churin Guinea Pig Festival


A festival in Churin, Peru, celebrates everything about guinea pigs. One aspect of the festival is a costume competition where owners dress up their favorite rodents in fancy outfits (OK, that’s more of a human fun fact, but wait until #2!).

Wombat Poo


Wombat poo is square so it doesn’t roll away. That’s kind of a stinker.

Squirrels Make Trees


Gray squirrels bury nuts in the ground, and sometimes they forget where they put the morsels of food. Eventually, trees grow in those spots. Red squirrels gather their nuts in piles, so they aren’t as ecologically friendly.



Baby pygmy marmosets babble to develop language skills in much the same fashion as human infants.

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