Be Ready For Anything With Your Own DIY Animal Rescue Kit

6. Tasty Treats

When you encounter a skittish dog or cat, a little bit of food can go a long way. Canned cat food is usually good for luring both species. Boxes of treats that make noise when you shake them can also help attract strays who know what that sound means. Should you need to administer medicine, wet food is a great way to hide liquid medications, while pill pockets are good to have if you keep tablets on hand.

Photo: Flickr/Rocky Mountain Feline Rescue

5. Antibiotics and Dewormers

A lot of medications are available over the counter, which makes it easy to keep them accessible. Worms are a common problem in strays, so try to include medications like Strongid or Drontal. Terramycin is a safe option for treating most minor eye infections until you can get to a vet, and Acarexx can provide relief from ear mites. A safe, broad-spectrum antibiotic like Clavamox is also a good idea. For digestive issues, keep some Laxatone on hand for hairballs and Albon available for diarrhea. If you’re unsure of how to use these medications, consult your veterinarian before giving them to your pet.

Photo: Flickr/Alex Bikfalvi

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