Meet Shamo, The World’s Angriest Shelter Cat Who Just Wants A Home

It can be difficult for animals at shelters to find new homes, especially in a short span of time. While they can sometimes be more patient than their human counterparts, they will still show a tendency to grow annoyed when not getting their proper attention.

And then there is poor Shamo, a cat that lives in a Tokyo animal shelter, who has worn her displeasure on her face ever since her arrival.

Shamo has lived in the shelter for over a year, and judging by the disgruntled expression that she constantly wears, she clearly disapproves of her situation.

Despite her menacing look, employees at the shelter have taken to Shamo and rave about her. They’ve even set up a Twitter account for her, where people from across the globe can observe and appreciate the different angry expressions she makes throughout the day.

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Even the world’s angriest cat can’t be angry all the time, and there are pictures of Shamo enjoying moments with other cats in the shelter or simply enjoying the life she’s living. But of course, it’s her fierce demeanor that makes this frighteningly lovable kitty stand out.

Shamo may be an internet superstar, but she’s still a cuddly, living feline in need of a good home. As much as the employees at her shelter adore her and her hysterical expressions, they hope that she will someday be adopted, and turn her frown upside down once she finds a loving home.

Let’s hope Shamo gets the happiness she deserves. After all, the hilarity of her pictures has given plenty of us something to smile about! For more on this adorable kitty, visit Rencontrer Mignon.

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