Our Top 8 Choices for Most Affectionate Cats!

Contrary to popular belief, not all cats are the epitome of indifference. Some cat breeds are among the most affectionate and loving pets on the planet. When you stop by your local animal shelter, consider some of these cat breeds if you want a lovey kitty who craves snuggling with you on the couch.


1-41Sphynx cats are hairless, but they are extremely warm and personable. These cats are soft to the touch and love being around people.

Devon Rex

A Devon Rex has wavy fur that sets it apart from other breeds. This family-friendly cat doesn’t shed a lot and is very adaptable to almost any situation. Additionally, Devon Rex cats are very smart and enjoy frequently petting.

Maine Coon

Maine coons start as small kittens, but then they grow to be one of the largest domestic cat breeds. Maine coons have the nickname “gentle giants” because they get along with humans and dogs alike.


Ragdoll cats tend to enjoy days and nights indoors, and their name comes from the fact that they go limp when they receive affection. They act this way because they love physical affection not because they hate it.


Tonkinese cats are very vocal, and they let you know it, so be prepared to talk back. These kitties make wonderful additions to families.


Burmese kittens, unlike other cat breeds, need other cats or animals keep them company when you’re away at work. Once you come home, you had better keep your lap empty so your Burmese has a spot to sit.

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Persians express their love through lots of purring and gazing at you with those deep, penetrating eyes. To reach this level of purr-fection, Persians have no trouble sidling up to you and sitting in your lap.


Siamese cats can be high maintenance, but they are fiercely loyal to those who take care of them. Make a special friend when you adopt a Siamese from your local shelter. Do your part to help shelter cats everywhere with this opportunity.

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