These Adventurous Cats Are Changing The Way People Think About The Average Feline

OK, so not everyone is a cat person. Maybe those people think cats are prissy and are always sleeping in a ball in the sunlight. Maybe they think cats are simply homebodies. Well, brothers in adventure Bolt and Keel are out to prove those detractors wrong. Check out eight of the adventures these thrill-seeking kitties have embarked upon, and allow yourself to be amazed.

8. Searching For Fish

Bolt and Keel have over 100,000 followers on Instagram, making them quite the popular pair to follow on social media.

7. I Can See for Miles

The two rescue cats were found in the bushes behind a garbage bin at a park. Their humans, who found them, weren’t able to take them to the local shelter because it was closed that day.

Always demanding of pets, no matter the location #boltandkeel

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