8 Strong Arguments for Adopting a Pet Instead of Buying

You know the benefits of adopting a dog from an animal shelter, but not everyone out there does. If you have a friend or family member considering buying a dog from a breeder, consider using these arguments to show just how wonderful adoption can be.

It’s Better for Your Budget


Adoption prices are significantly lower than the price a breeder charges, and that’s only the initial cost. Shelter pets also come home up-to-date on their vaccinations and with their spay or neuter surgery already performed, which you pay out-of-pocket if you buy from a breeder.

Many Come Pre-Trained


Many shelter dogs arrive knowing their basic commands, and trainers and dog walkers continue to work with them in the shelter. Most breeders only do basic socialization with their puppies, and unethical breeders may not even do that much.

Mutts are Often Healthier


Shelter dogs are screened and treated for diseases and other health problems before they go home, so you know you’re getting a healthy pet. Mutts also tend to be healthier than purebred dogs.

You’re Not Contributing to the Overpopulation Problem


An estimated 1.2 million dogs and 1.4 million cats are euthanized every year due to pet overpopulation, and many more live as strays. By adopting, you opt out of supporting unethical breeders and instead give a homeless pet a loving family.

A Housebroken Dog Means No Stained Carpets


Even if your new pet doesn’t know any commands yet, there’s a good chance that the puppy is at least partially housetrained. Many are fully housetrained, which saves your carpets and minimizes the need for scrubbing out pet stains.

Help Rescue Animals

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