Couple Jumps Into Action After Discovering A Tiny Kitten Crying In Their Alley

When Riley Tah and her boyfriend discovered a tiny kitten crying for help from the alley behind their house, the couple immediately rushed to help. The baby girl was bleeding, crying, and all by herself in the scorching sun.

The couple quickly brought the kitten inside, made her a bed, and started bottle-feeding. “It was our first time taking care of such a tiny kitten,” Riley told Love Meow. “We got kitten milk replacer for her and learned so much in a short period of time.”

Photo: Instagram/toothless.soh

But not everybody was convinced this tiny girl would survive, said Riley, who recalled the veterinarian warning them of the orphan’s frail state. But in the end, the little kitten — whose big eyes inspired her parents to name her for an animated character in How To Train Your Dragon — proved to be a survivor.

“Toothless was such a strong baby,” Riley remembered. “We grew very attached to her because she treated us like her parents.”

Photo: Instagram/toothless.soh

But the little kitten was also a very clingy baby, which makes sense considering how she lost her mother at such a young age. Toothless insisted on being cuddled and held at all times, often wrapping her tiny paws around her mom or dad’s hands to discourage them from letting go. She also insisted on sleeping with her new humans in their big bed.

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But as the kitten grew older, she also grew more playful. “She likes to play peekaboo on our bed, stealing our hearts with her cuteness,” Riley said of the kitten, who has since grown into a striking young cat with a shiny black coat.

Photo: Instagram/toothless.soh

The kitten’s personality has also continued to blossom in her new home. Now Toothless communicates with her humans in chirpy meows, loves to cuddle and play, and perks up whenever food or treats are in play. The couple also awakes every day to see Toothless staring at them with her big eyes. “It is the best view to wake up to every day,” Riley wrote.

But above all, Riley and her partner are just thankful for the laughter and love that this little one brings to their family. Who rescued who? We’ll let you decide.

You can follow this adorable kitten’s adventures on Instagram.

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