Watch What Happens When An “Aggressive” Pit Bull Feels Love For The Very First Time

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Cruz is seriously the “poster child” of a bad rap Pit Bull. He was labeled “aggressive” by the shelter in California but this was a mistake. Often, a dog will make grumbling noises that sound like growls. They will cower in a way that may be mistaken for hostile behavior, when in truth, these dogs are just scared.

Not all volunteers or shelter employees are trained to know the difference. Luckily, Maria Sanchez, the wonderful woman in this video, had a gut feeling that Cruz wasn’t aggressive at all. She sensed that Cruz was more unsocialized and afraid. The patience she exhibits towards Cruz is something we all need a little more of! Because of Maria, Cruz got the chance he needed that led to his forever home. Sanchez updated his progress on Facebook with the best word ever! ADOPTED!

This touching video should be shown to ALL shelter workers and volunteers so they can become more educated on dog behavior. Much of the time, fear is a motivator that leads to aggression, or what appears to be aggression. It’s sorting out the nuances that can truly save life after life. Here’s a big shout out to Maria and other shelter workers like her. And to Cruz too, of course.

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