Meet A Crow With Serious Sass

In the animal world, we just never know what’s going to happen. I never thought it was possible to meet a crow with this much attitude but hey, I’m learning… anything is possible!

Imagine yourself, walking outside onto your patio, and attempting to “shoo” a large bird from your patio furniture. And not only does this bird refuse to budge but this bird also talks back! Yea, crazy, right? This footage is absolutely hilarious! Has anything this crazy happened to you? If so, please tell us all about it!

Crow Fun Facts:

A crow will squash an ant and rub it all over themselves to prevent parasites. Ant perfume? Um, ok, LOL!

Female crows mate for life while their male counterparts prefer to play the field.

Crows have one of the most diverse appetites of the bird world. They will eat bugs, worms, and eggs but then turn around and happily eat french fries and frogs. WEIRD! Scientists have found crows to eat about 1000 different things.

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