People Are Crocheting Adorable Tiny Couches For Their Cats

All cat owners know that when you have a cat, your house is not your own. In the cat’s mind, it’s their home and you’re just paying either the rent or mortgage on it. But they’re so adorable, you don’t mind. Let’s face it, a cat’s assertiveness is a big part of why we love them.

However, even though the cat runs the household, we still sometimes try to keep them off the furniture since they shed a lot and it makes keeping up with the vacuuming a little easier if they don’t constantly lounge on the good sofa or the good chair.

But with the current pandemic putting a wrench in a cat’s daily schedule of lounging wherever they please, most of our cats are probably sick of us being in the same vicinity as them. Therefore, they might appreciate the following gesture.

Photo: Reddit

Thanks to an adorable recent DIY craft trend, people have begun to crochet small couches that are specifically meant for cats. Some of the kitty sofas even include adorable square granny blankets to drop over the back of them.

Appropriately named “Kitty Couches,” they’re crotchet patterns that are intermediate-level, but available through the internet to anyone who is willing to give them a try. The patterns involve many different styles and approaches, giving you plenty to choose from. Hopefully, you’ll be able to select something that your cat will approve of. Your kitty may like a loveseat or even a regular chair. Regardless of which one you end up selecting, each pattern choice incorporates yarn, multiple crochet needles, as well as foam and fiberfill in order to give each creation the shape of the real deal.

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If this sounds like something you’d love to try while on lockdown, you can download the whole Kitty Couch guide online from Annie’s Craft Store.

Take a look at some of the adorable Kitty Couches below:

Photo: Reddit
Photo: Reddit
Photo: Reddit
Photo: Reddit
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