You Can Now Get A Croc-Shaped Bed For Your Pet

You either secretly love crocs or really love crocs. I personally love them and think they are super comfy. They used to be really popular for gardeners, kids, and chefs, but now they are making it back into mainstream fashion.

Sasquatch! Pet Beds is getting in on the action with a croc-shaped bed pet.

The extremely comfortable bed is made with machine-washable faux fleece and a “non-toxic, odor-resistant material,” according to the product description. It’s complete with a “unique ‘roll bar’ at the heel [that] provides the perfect headrest,” for your four-legged buddy.

Phone: Amazon

The company promises the bed “keep pets cool in the summer and warm in the winter,” and is available in yellow, pink, black, and tan.

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They used to only be available in the United Kingdom but are now available worldwide (Just find a different supplier).

You can find them at different price points from 44.35 to around $56.78.

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