15 Photos That Prove Men Are Just As Crazy For Cats As Ladies

Cats are inquisitive, mischievous and becoming man’s new best friend. Who could resist a fur companion that entertains with their wild antics, yet cuddles with you on the couch?! While dogs have been called “man’s best friend”, cats are batting their way into the hearts of men around the world.

Men are proudly posting images of themselves with their feline companions on social media. Instagram alone has multiple hashtags with hundreds of thousands of posts – #catdaddy has over 200K posts. Soon people will be referring to these men as “crazy cat gentlemen”, and some already are.

Check out some of the proud cat dads in the photos below.

1. Do you see what I see?!

Photo: Instagram/r.hweasley

“Dad and I observing the birds outside the window,” posted r.hweasley.

2. Best friends wear matching shirts.

Photo: Instagram/thehungrysyrianwanderer

“No matter how tired and exhausted I am, holding these 2 soft living creatures in my arms, enjoying the beautiful sight and seeing how they trust me can completely divert my mind,” wrote thehungrysyrianwanderer.

3. The more the merrier.

Photo: Instagram/nathanthecatlady

“I’m running out of leg space…,” said nathanthecatlady.

4. Cat naps are the BEST!

Photo: Instagram/jaggu_surya

“That honest love and comfort you get from an animal can’t be valued to anything. My baby is the best,” posted jaggu_surya.

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5. Best seat in the house is on dad’s shoulders.

Photo: Instagram/the_chilli_bean_life

“Just me the Chilli chillin 😎 with my daddy..,” commented the_chilli_bean_life.

6. Best friends share secrets.

Photo: Instagram/texasbammel

“A boy and his cat,” wrote texasbammel.

7. Caturday

Photo: Instagram/vulcanoisland

“CATflix and chill,” said vulcanoisland.

8. Eskimo kisses

Photo: Instagram/jackson_woodard

“It’s amazing what a loving home, lots of food, and plenty of toys will do! Love this little (big) guy,” posted jackson_woodard.

9. Unconditional love

Photo: Instagram/stephoebe

“Every time i come into this room and see this, my opa tells me that “miffy needs cuddles!” like it’s the most important job in the world,” wrote stephoebe.

10. Chill

Photo: Instagram/buffy_the_one_eyed_cat

“Fridays were made for hanging with dad,” said buffy_the_one_eyed_cat.

11. Big shoes to fill…

Photos: Instagram/happymaryco

“He’ll grow into them,” posted happymaryco.

12. The best medicine.

Photo: Instagram/daniellemary1407

“Low quality picture, high quality feels,” wrote daniellemary1407.

13. Endless adventures.

Photo: Instagram/theprincessdaphne

“Sunsets with the pawrents,” said theprincessdaphne.

14. Selfie

Photo: Instagram/cross_eyed_and_gunty

“Careless Whisper plays softly in the background,” posted cross_eyed_and_gunty.

15. Real men love cats.

Photo: Instagram/karlacatshome

“Catman from Denmark. I know I rescue a lot of cats and can’t keep them all but Mira and I have a special connection,” wrote karlacatshome.

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