Fearless Crab Takes On Pride Of Lions In South Africa In Viral Video

A video of a courageous crab who took on a pride of lions in South Africa – and survived – is going viral.

Lions rarely encounter crabs so when one emerged during the day in MalaMala Game reserve, which borders Kruger National Park, it mesmerized a pride of lions.

Rangers Ruggiero Barreto and Robyn Sewell headed out just after sunrise in hopes of spotting lions. They found the Kambula pride lounging near the riverbank and just as they were about to drive off one of the lions stood up.

It cautiously approached something in the sand and that is when the rangers noticed the little crab.

Screenshot: YouTube/Latest Sightings

But don’t be fooled by its size. The four-inch crab managed to fend off five lions and it was all captured on video.

Crabs usually wait until it is dark to come out, but this brave crustacean crossed the river in the early morning hours.

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Lions, just like other cats, are curious by nature so as soon as one spotted the crab it approached for a closer look.

Screenshot: YouTube/Latest Sightings

The crab refused to back down and raised its claws in defense. It stood on its back legs to appear more threatening and it seemed to work. The lion paused and the crab slowly started to back away. But then four other lions became intrigued.

Screenshot: YouTube/Latest Sightings

The crab was outnumbered and surrounded by fierce predators, but it held its defensive stance with its claws in the air and scurried across the sand as fast as its eight legs could go. The lions continued their pursuit and at one point circled around it.

But the persistent crab kept moving and finally made it to a burrow. It disappeared into the sand unharmed and the lions went back to lounging.

Screenshot: YouTube/Latest Sightings

“Not many betting people would have given the crab good odds on making it across the river past a pride of lions but this little fella was up for it,” the rangers told Latest Sightings.

The video has gone viral and one person said it was “Top 10 best Disney crossovers.” To which Latest Sighting replied, “Lion King. Little mermaid or even Sponge Bob.”

Another person referenced Sponge Bob by writing, “He will not give them the Krabby Patty secret recipe even if it cost his life 😂.”

Watch the amazing interaction in the video below and don’t forget to share! You will be rooting for the crab the entire time, I know I was.

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