They Rescued An Injured Coyote In Very Bad Shape — Then, He Showed His Appreciation With A Smile

A little coyote was discovered on a golf course in Ottawa, Canada. He was in bad shape, sick and injured.

Worried that his mange and injuries would not allow him to survive through the intense Canadian winter, some Good Samaritans called animal control, who then set traps to catch the coyote so they could help him.

Rideau Valley Wildlife Sanctuary

But the rescue was not easy, and the coyote kept fleeing them, not knowing that they were there to help him, not hurt him.

Finally, a couple of weeks later, they were able to catch the coyote. Upon further examination, they realized he was in worse shape than they initially thought.

Rideau Valley Wildlife Sanctuary

He had a broken pelvis, which was probably from getting his by a car. His coat, which is normally thick and warm on coyotes, was almost entirely gone from the mange, which put him at risk of an infection and of freezing to death in the winter.

He was in such rough shape, that they didn’t even think he’d make it through the first night. But once the coyote realized he was safe, he couldn’t stop smiling!

Rideau Valley Wildlife Sanctuary

“The thing that really gets me is his eyes,” Sarah Beauregard, animal-care coordinator at Rideau Valley Wildlife Sanctuary, told LittleThings. “Even when he was at his worst, there was a brightness and hopefulness about them.”

Rideau Valley Wildlife Sanctuary

The clinic treated his mange and broken bones, and he got started on his road to recovery. He warmed up to the staff at the sanctuary, and was very calm and trusting of them. Usually coyotes are shy and timid, but they said this guy was a total sweetheart.

Rideau Valley Wildlife Sanctuary

The sanctuary will keep the coyote until he is fully recovered, and then they will release him back into the wild. Although it’s tempting to snuggle up with this big cutie, they are keeping human contact to a minimum so that his release will be safer and easier.

Rideau Valley Wildlife Sanctuary
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