Hurricane Ida Strands Cow In Tree As It Hits Louisiana

Hurricane Ida touched down in Louisiana in late August, marking the 5th strongest such weather event to strike the US, delivering winds of over 150 miles per hour.

It continues to keep the area on high alert, with residents being cautioned to evacuate and not return until critical infrastructure has been repaired.

The hurricane has turned the lives of thousands upside-down overnight. One of the most unusual sets of circumstances to come out of the chaos was found days after the worst of the winds cleared in St. Bernard Parish. Fire and rescue services were called to the marshy, forested, and flooded scene by a caller alerting them to a cow stuck in a tree.


This isn’t the first time rescuers have been tasked with helping a stranded cow out of an unusual situation, but it still required some outside-the-box thinking.

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Fortunately, the flooded forest floor made for a fairly soft landing when the cow was dislodged. Also luckily, the cow seemed uninjured and unbothered by the strange circumstances. After all, she had plenty of leaves to chew on while she waited for rescue!


While Ida downgraded from a hurricane to a tropical depression shortly after striking Louisiana, the disaster still requires not only support from local services for unusual emergencies like the cow stuck in the tree, but also federal governmental aid.

The White House recently announced a deal struck by the FCC to allow cell phone users to roam between network towers in affected areas, giving them more reliable and consistent cell phone coverage without the typical charges.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Other resources and aid for those affected is available at the government’s website here.

The damage caused by Hurricane Ida won’t all be as easy to fix as getting a cow out of a tree — but fortunately, first responders there are prepared for just about anything, no matter how unusual it may be.

Check out the video of the rescue below!

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