Orphaned Cow Raised With Dogs Thinks He’s One Of Them

After his mom was killed in a tragic car accident, a little orphaned calf found a new life among dogs.

The calf was found along the side of a road in Kimberly by Edward Foy. His mother had been hit by a car and killed, leaving the calf to fend for itself, so Foy adopted the little cow and named him Peanut.

He shared with ABC, “The mother was cleaned up by a truck or a car and he was hanging around sniffing the remains. He still had the umbilical cord attached to her.”

Photo: YouTube/Studio 10

Foy also cares for six dogs, along with pigs, chickens, and peacocks. However, Peanut found himself spending most of his time with the dogs. After about two months of living on Foy’s farm, Peanut was no longer acting like a typical cow. Instead, he seemed to think he was a dog!

Photo: YouTube/Studio 10

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Speaking with ABC, he said, “This one has never seen another cow before, so as far as he’s concerned, he’s a dog and he’s picked up the same personality as a dog. He’s still learning who he is and what he is.”

Photo: YouTube/Studio 10

Thankfully, the six dogs love Peanut and accept him as one of their own. Understandably, people are always humored to see Peanut going on walks along with the dogs. He gets plenty of attention from onlookers and has become somewhat of a celebrity in the local community.

Photo: YouTube/Studio 10

Though Peanut is a small calf right now, Foy knows that he’ll one day grow into a large bull with horns that could be dangerous. Foy doesn’t plan on rehoming the cow once he’s large, though. He shared his safety plan with ABC, stating: “I’ll get two pool noodles and stick them on. So when he hits you it’ll feel like soft rubber.”

Photo: YouTube/Studio 10

While cows are a lot of work, Foy is familiar with the responsibility of raising and caring for Peanut. As he revealed to the outlet, his family had a cow named Philip for 26 years, so he’s well-prepared to take on the long-term duty of raising Peanut.

It’s always amazing when people step in and care for animals who need help, and it’s extra special that Peanut seems so at home with his new family.

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