July 14th: An Ode to Cows Everywhere!

Each year, a day is set aside to appreciate an animal that is oft-forgotten: the cow. That’s right, the gentle grazers have their very own day (July 14th, 2015) and, honestly, we couldn’t be happier about it. To under-appreciated moo-ers everywhere, enjoy the day!

To get YOU just as excited, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite cow videos. You’ll also find cow facts spread throughout the list, you know, so you can appreciate these fantastic creatures even more!

If you don’t think that cows know what’s up on July 14th, think again. Well, and then watch this hilarious video of a cow thoroughly enjoying its appreciative massage!

We dare you not to smile.

In this next video, you’ll see a herd, well, kind of just chillin’ inside on a cold, wintry day. But then… they all start to dream of what life will be like when spring comes around and they can frolic around in the pasture.

And who doesn’t want to watch a herd of cows frolic?

The next video we have for you is actually a bit of a heart-warmer. In it, you’ll see a strapping young lady named Fawn. Fawn’s mother, confined to a milking stall, gave birth to Fawn while standing up. The result? Fawn’s legs were damaged from the drop.

Fawn was eventually surrendered to the Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary. The kind folk there took her to nearby Cornell to see what exactly Fawn’s future would be like. Expecting to hear that she was to be euthanized, they were quite surprised when the vet said that he could help her.

Months later, this video was taken…


Our grand finale is a video that we hope brings Cow Appreciation Day into full view. Quite simply, it details the relationship between cows and humans.

In the video is a story of a group of people that, once they discovered their fate, saved 25 cows from going to the slaughterhouse. Instead, they housed them throughout the winter and, as you’ll see, they were able to share the joy of spring with their favorite animals.

After you share this on Facebook, get out there and appreciate a cow!

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