New Report Claims That Pandemic Pet Adoptions Make People Feel Happier

The Covid 19 pandemic has changed our lives in more ways than most of us realize. Perhaps one of the most difficult parts of the pandemic has been isolation.

In order to overcome isolation as safely as possible, many people have turned to adopting a pet, either temporarily or permanently. recently spoke with 1000 pet owners in an online poll. More specifically, they were looking for people who brought a new pet into their home since the pandemic started last March.

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66% of those who took part in the poll already had a dog or cat in their home but brought a new pet in during the pandemic. 13% said that it was their only pet.

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The type of pet that was adopted is also favoring dogs to a great extent. 53% of those who were surveyed adopted a dog in the last 12 months and 32% adopted a cat. Interestingly, 14% adopted both a dog and a cat in the last 12 months.

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64% of those who adopted an animal in the last 12 months got them from a rescue group or nonprofit (40%), or another family (24%). 26% said that they got the animal from a breeder.

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As any pet owner can tell you, there is some adjustment that is necessary when you bring a new animal into the home. One adjustment is financial, and 54% of those surveyed said they had to adjust their budget to care for the new pet.

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Perhaps the most interesting of all the statistics is that 93% of those who were polled by said that the pet improved their physical and/or mental well-being over the past year. 80% said that working from home during the pandemic was more enjoyable because of the pet.

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As it turns out, pets are awesome. We could’ve told you that before the poll!

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