Saving Courage: Rescuers And A Medical Team Work Together To Help A Homeless, Injured Pup

A deserving, injured puppy was found with significant head trauma, and rescuers from Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue weren’t sure of his fate. Luckily, Courage (what an appropriate name!) was taken to Center Line Veterinary Hospital where he received the BEST medical care.

Initially, this pup’s head trauma was overwhelming to look at. Who knew how bad it would be! But once doctors got in there to try to save him, it was apparent that his young body would be “Courageous” and successfully fight this battle. I just wish he didn’t have to fight it in the first place!

After his first surgery and appropriate time to heal, x-rays revealed that Courage is doing great! Because rescuers acted swiftly (YAY!) and a medical team went above and beyond (like they tend to do for ALL), Courage will be okay. HOORAY!

Thank you to World Animal Awareness Society and WA2S Films for sharing this story with us! For more info, you can visit here.

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