Couple Rescue Fox Trapped By The Side Of The Road

Foxes have a reputation as being cunning, sly creatures — but they still sometimes get in a jam!

Fortunately for one fox, a kind couple was able to lend him a hand when he became trapped by the side of the road.

The incident happened in Urdoma, Arkhangelsk Oblast, Russia — a rural area with forests and long, winding roads.

Photo: Pixabay/12019

It was the beginning of November, which meant that temperatures were dipping below freezing at night.
One fox in the area, unfortunately, became entangled in a scrap of road fabric, his right paw getting twisted and trapped the harder he tried to pull himself free.

Lucky for him, a couple happened to notice him as they were walking in the area and leapt into action.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

First, the man draped his coat over the fox so that he could move him and get close without fear of biting. Then, the man methodically sliced through the fabric with a knife, until the fox was freed!

It wasn’t an easy task, as the looped, twisted cloth was hard to separate from the fur of the fox.


Once he was freed, the fox quickly pulled himself up and ran into the treeline with an excited bounce.

Thanks to the quick thinking of that couple, he was no doubt able to sleep safe that night in his den.

Watch the full video below!

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