Elderly Couple Facing Flash Flood Refuses To Leave Without Their Dogs

When emergencies strike, it’s hard to know how to respond sometimes. Most of us would agree with one thing, however – we’d make sure our whole family was safe before moving on.

That was the case for an elderly couple in Joso, Japan. That town experienced heavy rainfall, and they experienced an extreme flash flood because of it.

Flash floods can happen very quickly, and there’s rarely time to think things through or plan for how to escape the water. When water starts to fill your home, it can be quite terrifying, and that’s exactly what the couple in Joso faced.

Photo: YouTube/IBTimes UK

Despite the water coming in, the elderly couple refused to leave their residence. The reason they didn’t get out quicker was that they refused to leave behind their two dogs, their family.

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As the water rose and landslides happened around them, the possibility of driving away with their dogs became non-existent. It wasn’t long before they found themselves trapped on the top of their roof with floodwaters raging around them.

Photo: YouTube/IBTimes UK

The couple clung to the roof, holding their dogs for dear life. Oftentimes, when emergencies happen, animals can pick up on the sense of panic and they begin to panic themselves. It can make things extra difficult, and sometimes, pets get left behind in the chaos.

For these two dogs, however, their owners refused to leave them behind – even if it meant risking their own lives.

In a now-viral video of the flood, an anonymous couple can be seen huddled on a roof while the floodwaters swirl beneath them. A rescuer descends from a helicopter to save them, but they have one caveat: Their dogs have to be rescued with them.

Photo: YouTube/IBTimes UK

Thankfully, the rescuer is able to lift the woman and one dog, followed by the man and the other dog. They all made it safely to the helicopter and were rescued from the treacherous flood.

Watch the rescue in the video below:

It’s noble of them to treat their pets like true family and refuse to leave them behind in a time of disastor.

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