Wedding Cake Was Designed To Make It Look Like Their Dog Took A Bite Out Of It

When it comes to the perfect wedding day, every couple has their different take on what makes their wedding pure perfection.

There are many couples with pets who like to do something special to incorporate their beloved animals into their big day, and newlywed couple Roisin & Hunter Bicklmeier were no different.

The couple knew right away that whatever they did, their golden retriever named Bear had to be included in the festivities. So, as they planned out their big day, they planned out all the different ways that he could be involved in their wedding – and there were quite a few.

Photo: Facebook / Roisin Bicklmeier

For a start, Bear had the very important task of making his way down the aisle with his owners. But there was also the very adorable “Bear’s biscuit bar,” a feature that allowed guests to make little doggie bags to take home to their own pups!

Perhaps a pretty significant way that he was included in the wedding was when they made him the center of the attention atop the wedding cake.

Photo: Facebook / Hunter Bicklmeier

The couple chose to create a little Bear wedding cake figuring that they could place somewhere on their three-tiered cake. But it wasn’t enough to just place Bear on the wedding dessert, they also had to make it look like Bear had been naughty and taken a bite out of the cake. Working with Kake by Darci, the couple were not disappointed at all.

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As Roisin shared with The Dodo, “I told her I had brought a little golden figurine and was wondering if she could put him on the back of the cake as a hidden detail doing something naughty, like dirty paw prints or whatever. She told me she would absolutely incorporate him, and I didn’t actually know what she was planning until I saw it on the day!”

Photo: Instagram / kakebydarci

Based off the photo – she delivered. While the rest of the cake was beautiful with its flowers and the golden “Happily Ever After” cake topper, the backside of the cake had the little minor detail. It was exactly what the bride wanted – a tiny Bear covered in frosting and looking like he’d tried to destroy their cake because, as Roisin admitted, Bear is the type of dog that absolutely would do just that if given the chance.

What do you think of the little cake detail? Would you do something similar? Do you like the idea of incorporating family pets into weddings? Let us know!

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