Couple Wears Matching Outfits With Their Turtle 20 Pound Tortoise

There is something fun about coordinating outfits. But besides dressing up your spouse to match with you in a hashtagable way, wearing matching outfits with your pet makes you feel closer to them.

One couple is doing just that by twinning with their tortoise. 4-year-old Ethel is one stylish, 20-lb Sulcata tortoise thanks to her two owners, 33-year-old Kasey Kuchinski and 33-year-old Daniel Rodriguez. The trio lives in Sonoma, California.

Ethel has become somewhat of an influencer on Instagram after her and her owners began to coordinate their outfits and pose for photos together.

From there, their loyal fan base on Instagram began to expand – hooked on Ethel’s luxury lifestyle.

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Her owner Kasey works as an illustrator.

As Kasey explained, according to Metro, “I was seeing a trend on Instagram where families with children would take photos wearing matching outfits. I just thought it would be funny to do the same but with our tortoise – it’s sort of an inside joke I guess. I have a background in fashion design, so nearly all of Ethel’s outfits are made or altered from kids’ clothes by me.”

Kasey added, “I try not to spend more than £4 on each outfit, otherwise this whole idea wouldn’t be sustainable for us – she’s gone through so many. I’ve really only kept a few of my favorites and some that were given to us.”

She admitted, “We have a small house so I can’t realistically keep them all.”

Besides bringing her great style to her many followers on Instagram, Ethel has plenty of other activities that she enjoys to spend her days doing, such as eating, basking in the sunshine, and going for walks in the park. Sounds like a full life for that tortoise!

Ethel loves to snack on foods like bell peppers, bok choy, courgettes, and pumpkin, however, most of the time she just eats grass or weeds. Yummy.

Kasey has even added that there is another place that Ethel is quite fond of: the beach.

Kasey has said, “Although she is not a sea turtle she really enjoys beach days. There is plenty of sunshine, and a lot of rocks to climb and sand to dig in.”

Sounds so fun!

For up-to-date adventures, you can follow her on Instagram.

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