Puppy Too Weak To Move Uses All Her Strength To Wag Her Tail

When Animal Aid Unlimited was called about a puppy hiding in a shed, they didn’t expect what they’d find.

When rescuers arrived at the shed, they weren’t met with a playful, rambunctious puppy. Instead, they discovered the limp, skeletal body of a puppy lying in the corner.

They approached the dog carefully, and as soon as she noticed humans were near, she used every ounce of strength she had left to wag her tail.

Photo: YouTube/Animal Aid Unlimited, India

Rescuers immediately realized how serious her condition was and knew they needed to get her help immediately.

The rescue explained on YouTube, “This sweetheart suffered with mange probably most of her short life, and the mange was winning: she had collapsed in the corner of a shed and would never have stood up again if rescuers had not arrived. At the sound of our voices, she found the strength to wag her tail, and her black button eyes told us all we needed to know. She needed help or she would die.”

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They carefully loaded her into their ambulance and transferred her to an animal hospital. Thankfully, after being on an IV drip overnight, her condition improved dramatically and she seemed to be in stable condition, though she wasn’t out of the weeds yet.

Photo: YouTube/Animal Aid Unlimited, India

The puppy, who they named Cotton, was covered in open, infected wounds that were caused by itching. They carefully bandaged her up and gave her medicine and cream to help treat her mange.

Once she was physically cared for, it was time for rest. Cotton spent days with the rescue under medical supervision, resting and healing. Slowly but surely, her skin began to heal and her hair started growing back in.

Photo: Unsplash/Tina Bosse

The rescue said, “Her progress was immediate, and with delight we helped give her the care and love she needed to blossom.” Blossom, she did!

It wasn’t long before Cotton was running around with the other dogs, playing, and wagging her tail to her heart’s content.

Photo: YouTube/
Animal Aid Unlimited, India

Thanks to the rescue efforts of Animal Aid Unlimited, Cotton was given a second chance at life and she seems to be loving every minute of it.

Watch her transformation in the video below:

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