This Whole Video Is Adorable! But At :27, I Almost Lost It! :-O

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There’s just something so dang cute about Corgis. I just can’t get enough of them! They have so much personality, in every single thing that they do. Even when they nap! YUP! Watch as a group of adorable (sibling) Corgis enjoy some much needed nap time. One is all tucked in with a pillow, and it’s the cutest!

At :27, I seriously lost it. You’ll just have to see it for yourself!

If you love Corgis like I do, you will LOVE this video too! A Corgi puppy gets a delightful treat but watching him eat it is the best treat of all. Can you guess what the treat is? It’s a delicious summer fruit that is also good for dogs (in moderation, of course). Did you guess watermelon? YUP! Watermelon can be so satisfying. It’s loaded with good stuff and because it’s mostly water, it makes a great treat on warm days (or after a workout, like a long walk). Dogs have to stay hydrated too! Check out the video by clicking here!

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