Adorable Baby And Gentle Corgi Have The Cutest Play Session EVER!

I’ve seen many dogs in my lifetime and most are pretty amazing with babies. But this guy, an adorable Corgi, may just be the sweetest one yet! Watch as he and his little human have a play session that is so cute, your brain may explode (just kidding!) I love a dog with style too. LOOK AT THAT CUTE BANDANA! Awwww!

Kids and dogs go together so well. Did you grow up with a dog? I did! His name was Brandy and he was the cutest little rescue dog my parents brought home from the shelter. Those memories will never fade. In fact, I remember playing hide and seek with Brandy in our yard. Do you want to share a memory about your childhood dog? Please comment with your story below 😃

Here is a fun fact about dogs: The only dogs without a pink tongue are Chows. So, if you meet a dog that doesn’t have a pink tongue, that means he or she is part Chow. Cool, huh?

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