Corgi Puppy Outgrows His Favorite Napping Spot

If you’ve ever had a dog from the time they were a puppy, you know just how many phases and changes they go through.

What can start as a tiny 3-lb baby quickly transforms into a 10, 20, 50, or 100+-pound dog! Along with the changes in size come changes to lifestyle. After all, puppies can get away with a lot more than full-grown dogs can.

Growing up, we had a Great Pyrenees, golden retriever mix. As a puppy, we loved to cuddle her on the bed and hold her in our laps. But eventually, she grew into a huge dog and the day came when he had to stop letting her jump all over us.

Photo: Max Pixel

For Obi the corgi, his sad day came when he could no longer fit into his favorite napping spots.

The sweet puppy loved napping on a shelf under the tv, but it wasn’t a spot that he could fit in forever. Eventually, he began to grow, and squeezing into his favorite spot became more of a challenge.

Photo: TikTok/cooperauggiethecorgi
Photo: TikTok/cooperauggiethecorgi

His owner documented the napping spot, along with his growth, on TikTok and it’s so cute!

Watch the video below:

As it turns out, that wasn’t the only place Obi had outgrown. He was one puppy who loved to fit into tight places, which isn’t a habit that aged well.

Eventually, time caught up to the not-so-little-pup and he had to find other places to lay.

As of December, Obi officially outgrew the shelf, according to an update post by his owner. All good things must come to an end.

You can follow Captain Cooper and Obi on TikTok, @cooperauggiethecorgi.

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