Corgi Grows A Blossoming Garden With Her Own… Poop!

I’ve heard many stories over my thirty-eight years but none quite like this! Considering I can’t keep a cactus alive, this story has become my new favorite!

An adorable Corgi, named Meya, was accidentally left alone with a pumpkin. She ate most of it, plus the seeds! Her human Alexandra Gleber was frantic but after researching online, Gleber discovered that pumpkin was okay for dogs to eat in moderation. So, she watched Meya closely to be sure she didn’t get sick. Meya did just fine.

What happened next is UNBELIEVABLE! Meya did her “business” out in the backyard on top of some fertile soil. Meya is a bit of a digger so she continued to poop in holes in the soil, and then bury it. This continued for the next few days. Meya’s poop and Meya’s manners must have been the pawfect combination.


Gleber said, “I live in Southern California, and we’d been in a drought. But in January and February, it rained a ton, and then this pumpkin plant suddenly sprouted like crazy! I can’t grow anything, but of course when Meya plants something, it grows like crazy. She gave it some good fertilizer, I guess!”

Six months later, the yard had a beautiful garden. According to her human: “She’s so short and stubby, it’s a like a jungle to her. It is nice to have some green back there. It’s even flowering now, so we’ll probably be having pumpkin pie in a couple months.”

So while I have the EXACT OPPOSITE of a green thumb, Meya the Corgi has a green bum! Isn’t that something?!

Source: The Dodo, Photo Credits: Alexandra Gleber’s Facebook Page

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