Get ready to laugh so much, your face will ache! Nero is the cuttest, peppiest Corgi and he just cannot wait for pool time. His excitement is just about the cutest thing I’ve seen on the net. Having a bad day? No worries! This will at least take your mind off of it for a bit. If you start to get sad again, just press repeat. It’s that easy!

If you loved this video, this one will make your day too! It’s pretty obvious that people love puppies. When one is in a room, people tend to gush over that puppy like it’s pure magic. And maybe a puppy is kinda magical. We get all warm inside and tend to forget about the bad things going on. Sounds like magic to me. OH and that puppy smell! Puppy breath is just infectious. Seriously, who doesn’t love puppies? Click here if you’re craving puppy (like I always am!)

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