Corgi Does Backflips While Helping Dad Shovel Snow

Corgis are quite the adorable breed of dog. They’ve got stumpy little legs and furry little booties that wiggle whenever they walk. Their physiques definitely scream cute, but not necessarily athletic.

However, there is one video that shows one Corgi to be quite the athlete.

And it seemed to come about quite by accident as well. Luckily for us, the incredible display of agility was caught on camera for us.

Photo: YouTube / Waggle TV

When one dog owner is busy shoveling his driveway, his loyal Corgi is right by his side. But instead of just sitting there and waiting for his owner to finish, the Corgi decided to help – by providing some wonderful entertainment.

Check out the amazing backflips in the clip below:

Has your dog ever done a backflip? Let us know!

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