This Video Will Make You Smile And There’s No Butts About It!

I’m not going to lie when I tell you, I’m having a pretty “ruff” day but when I came across this video, I felt infinitely better. You deserve the same, no matter what kind of day you’re having.

Corgis notoriously make me smile. They’re just fun spirited, adorable dogs. And their butts… DON’T GET ME STARTED! They’re so cute!!! Corgis are constantly smiling because they know the secret to a happy life. Life is all about having fun and making one another feel loved.

So, this video is an ode to their backsides. Not to say this is the end to your love for Corgis but rather a new found spot to smile at and appreciate. Seriously, can you watch this and not smile? Impawsible! Do yourself a favor, and play it as many times as needed. I’m going to need this on repeat today, fur sure! Send this or tag anyone who may need a smile or two.

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